In conjunction with building your site, an important consideration is the marketing of that site on the internet. Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool, and in order to augment its effectiveness, we recommend the following options:

Social Media

Social Media has become the wave that has taken over the internet, it is a way to connect with people at a person-to-person level, and the techniques of communication differ drastically from traditional marketing messages. Facebook is the dominant site for the demographics many marketers are targeting, and setting up a facebook site is a pretty simple process. The challenge lies in supplying a steady stream of information to the site and responding to your 'friends'. Social media sites provide an unprecedented opportunity for marketers to post their web-link and supply information to consumers. Social Media campaigns should be highly targeted to your client base. Some organizations would do well to focus primarily on LinkedIn, while for others, YouTube would be the optimum choice. Pinterest is the new visual darling of the internet, and of course Twitter is the way many people get their breaking "news". Most social media activity is tied in heavily with a blog. Blogging is also considered social when the commenting feature is enabled, allowing your readers to interact with you.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is another very unique opportunity to spread the word about your website. When viewers find interesting or valuable content on the web, social bookmarking is the way that information is spread among friends and interested parties.,,, and others provide a whole new resource for internet marketing.

Blogging and Forums


Blogs are "web logs", they are typically one person's thoughts, ideas and offerings with readers having the ability to comment on the content. This makes for interesting content and yet another opportunity to post your web-link in multiple areas where people would find the information useful. Having your own blog is another strategy, and once built, they are very easy to post to and create meaningful dialogues between yourself and your audience.


Forums provide a great opportunity to give your website "authority" status by answering peoples questions and being of service. You can also post comments on forums and use a signature with your website link. This gives people another opportunity to learn about you and the offerings you make available to the public through your website.

Email Campaigns

Newsletters in the form of an email campaign is a very powerful technique to stay in touch with your audience. All good email campaigns use an "opt-in/opt-out" system that always gives readers the choice to receive your mail or to discontinue it. These campaigns are run from special email servers in order to avoid being classified as "spam". Email with html markup almost looks like a little webpage and can be very informative and persuasive.

Pay Per Click and Banner Ads

Pay per click is the fastest way to get in front of people searching for your product on the internet. It revolves around keywords which you bid on. When someone types the keyword into the search engine that you are advertising with, the top listings across the page and to the right reflect the paid listings (they say "sponsored results"). You pay for each click through to your site. The campaigns are run according to a monthly budget, once the money runs out of the budget, the listings stop appearing. While PPC is a great way to get immediate traffic, it is best used in conjunction with the organic search results and web-links that are created through proper SEO techniques.

Banner Ads are often a great choice to get in front of your desired audience, on targeted websites, and can be configured with the exact design you desire.

Click Fraud

There is an unethical practice which unfortunately some competitors indulge in, called "click fraud". It is when they click your PPC links for the purpose of using your budget up in no-sale clicks, there are some steps which can be taken if you believe click fraud is being perpetrated against you.

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